My Secret Laundromat Love

There is something about laundromats, especially at night time that I really love.  Not sure how to explain it, but when I drive by them I can’t help but look inside.  In fact, there is a restaurant that I enjoy mainly because of the great food, but it gets extra points because when you eat outside you can look directly across at a laundromat.

1. Rice Lake, Wisconsin, by MischievousRagDoll  2. California St, San Francisco  3. Tybee Island, Georgia, by TW Collins


5 responses to “My Secret Laundromat Love

  1. There is one near my house. I passed by the other day and there was a man with his dog just standing there watching the clothes spin. So cute

  2. I Am a huge fan of laundromats, must run in the family!! love using them
    your, mom

  3. Meagen Hensley

    been there…love it!! korean bbq…yummmmm!!! 🙂

  4. hillary borcherding

    I feel like that is a place we would have spent time in high school. love it

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