Friday Song

This afternoon I heard this song, and for some reason, it made me really miss my friends and family that are all so far away.  Even though I am very happy with where I am in my life, I really wish I could see them more often then I do.

The song ‘Ships in the Night’ is from Portland, Oregon based artist Mat Kearney.  It is on his newest album that just came out on August 2nd, called Young Love which has already hit #4 on the Billboard Top 200.

photo ::

Happy Aloha Friday!

:: Enjoy ::


3 responses to “Friday Song

  1. LOVE: You mostly but this song as well!

    Miss you too lovely…

  2. Miss you SO much. I don’t really have the word for it. But I have an Ariel shaped hole in my heart…

  3. “you can “count on me” amen, we’ve made it this far… bboys and vw cars”… I love you!!!

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