Travel Destination : Africa

Just this afternoon my boyfriend told me how he wouldn’t really want to go to Africa, for reasons unknown to me.  Then, ironically, when I got home I came across these amazing lodges in Africa.  It is called Singita, meaning ‘place of miracles’ and is a group of world-renowned games reserves in South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.  They strive to provide a nice balance of hospitality, conservation and community for all their guests.  They do this all while maintaining a commitment to sustaining and protecting the natural environment and wildlife.

 This last picture is defiantly my favorite, I think it is absolutely breathtaking.  Hopefully he will change his mind about taking a trip to Africa and we can go here!  I would die to get to see this place, it looks amazing!


2 responses to “Travel Destination : Africa

  1. He doesn’t wanna go to Africa?! NO PROBLEM!
    Take me! Take me!
    I would LOVE to go! This place looks AMAZING!
    Tell him you’re gonna take me instead of him… can’t go wrong. Either you and I go to Africa, or he decides to take you 🙂

    Love you! and MISS you SO much… regretting taking for granted how close you were… wish I could stop by and chat. Soon… just not soon enough…


  2. Just looking at those pictures put me straight into a dream and an amazing one at that. Who wouldn’t want to go there. I am sure when he sees those pictures he will change his mind and put it on a wish list for you and him. And the lights in the last picture made me want to turn into a fairy and be there magically!! love, Mom

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