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HNL > MAD 7,855 Miles

Next week marks six months of me selling everything I own and flying 7,855 miles to live in Madrid, Spain.  It’s crazy to think about, because it doesn’t feel like that long at all.  This whole experience has been great and I am really quiet happy that I decided to take that “little” step out of my comfort zone.

Selling my things, and moving somewhere without even knowing the language can only be described with one word:  Humbling.

Of course there are tough days, but that is expected.  I just know I won’t be given anything I can’t handle, and I have complete faith in that.  Plus at the end of the day I am getting to learn new things (even if at times it get frustrating) and see places I never would have otherwise.

But the best part about this whole experience is getting to live with my sister.  I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but it is so great!  I have always been a little jealous of people that could call their family and head over for dinner or grab a drink with their siblings.  I never thought I would get to have that chance.  But now I do, and I realize that my jealousy was completely valid, because it’s the best!

Also, with a lot of help and encouragement from her, I am starting on something I should have done a while ago. . . .But more on that later.  As for now, here are some pictures of Madrid.

The cherry blossoms are everywhere right now.

This was taken the first day I arrived from our street.

The days are starting to be so nice!

A church down the street from where we live.

Neighborhood carnival.

The Egyptian Temple of Debod.


A sweet little cafe

 Enjoy your weekend.
Happy Aloha Friday!



This post should have been written a long time ago, but oh well,  here goes.

In August a friend and I took a roadtrip that started in San Diego, went through Arizona and into New Mexico and then back.  Though it was spur of the moment, no part of it ever felt rushed.  I forget sometimes that I spent half my youth in New Mexico and I defiantly forgot how beautiful the southwest was.  Actually, maybe I never knew, maybe its beauty was something I couldn’t truly appreciated until now.

Day 1  –  6:00 am  (San Diego, CA – Flagstaff, AZ)


My roadtrippin partner and I

We hit the road with a full tank of gas, blankets, coffee, snacks, a deck of cards and a cribbage board.  We traveled out of the city and haze and onto endless stretches of open road, one of them being the historic Route 66.  Around 3pm we arrived at our first destination:


The Grand Canyon.

Day 2  – 7:00 am (Flagstaff, AZ – Las Cruces, NM)


This day was amazing!  We went to a meteor crater impact site, a petrified forest, drove through a massive rain storm complete with thunder and lightning that lit up the whole sky, and finally ended up and White Sands National Park.  I had been here when I was younger and I remembered liking it, but I don’t think I remembered it being this amazing.  It is unlike any place with a beauty all its own.


Looking out into the crater.





White Sands National Park.



Day 3  – 7:00 am  (Las Cruces, NM – San Diego, CA)

Our final day was a lot of driving, but it really didn’t seem like it.  Between playing cribbage, stopping at random places and all the things we saw while driving it was actually quite enjoyable.  The main stop for the day was Tombstone, AZ, which we ended up spending almost 4 hours at.  We went on a tour of the town, saw a gunfight (that I ended up being a part of), ate lunch at a saloon and wondered around the town for a bit.





The Colorado River

After a long, hot day we stopped in Yuma, AZ to stretch our legs.  Because it was 8pm and still 101º we went for a swim in the Colorado River.  It was the perfect way to end our southwest roadtrip adventure!
Hope you enjoyed.
ps. some of you may know that I am on a new adventure, living in Madrid, I will be updating soon about that!

July July!


For the month of July I set one simple goal. . .  to get in the ocean everyday.

The salt water has a way of making everything better, a way of effortlessly cleansing my mind, body and soul.  I am instantly humbled by the vastness and power that the ocean holds.  All my problems wash away, or at least feel a bit smaller than they were.

Getting in the ocean everyday has made me so much more happy.  It makes me feel beyond blessed for everything I have.  I could be anywhere in the world, but for some lucky reason, I am here, now and couldn’t ask for anything more.


My favorite beach.

I have been wanting to watch the sunrise for a little bit now, but can never seem to wake up early enough.  Today though I made it a point.  I woke up at 5am, grabbed a coffee and headed out.  I was not disappointed. . .


The sun starting to make its way to the horizon.


The sun rising on Lanikai beach.


Glistening sand.


Greeting the day in a beautiful way.




“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.”
                                                                                                   – Ralph Waldo Emerson
:: Aloha ::

You Fancy Huh?

Yesterday I made some faux leather bow bracelets.  For now they are just in Olive or Black, but I want to make other colors as well.  They have a clasp and chain to secure them as well as a little bead at the end.  If you would like to order one just email me at  They are only $10!






In the last post I mentioned a great website that I wanted to share.  It is called society6.  They are a California based company that allows artists from all over the world to sell their work.  They produce it and ship it on behalf of the artists for a very decent price.  (Most of the work is around $20! )  They also give you the option to turn almost any of the prints into a laptop or ipod skin, t-shirts, or even have it put onto a stretched canvas.

And now for some cool prints. . .

City To City IV by Galaxy Eyes

abyss of the disheartened VII by Heather Landis

Run by Cassia Beck

The Wright by Nick Douillard

The Forever Room by Forgotten Beauty

Sea Dog by Matthew J Parsons

Mordecai & Rigby by Chase Kunz

Sounds of Summer by Laura Ruth

Ben Trovato

Marquismontes for Ben Trovato

I recently came across this amazing photo blog called Ben Trovato, and have been somewhat addicted ever since.  It was started in July 2009, and since has become a raging success, with millions of hits and visits.  BT has opened doors for hundreds of photographers, both established and for the up and coming.  Here are just some of the photographs that I came across that I loved, but check it out for yourself. . . .

Paul Shalan for Ben Trovato

Damien Vignaux for Ben Trovato

Damien Vignaux for Ben Trovato

Kim Akrigg for Ben Trovato

Kim Akrigg for Ben Trovato

Ninelle Efremova for Ben-trovato

Dior Couture

I know that as of the other day it is technically Fall, but I came across the Spring 2011 Dior Couture collection and had to share!  I love the vintage Barbie look that all the models have, and the dresses are wonderful.  It makes me dream of a place where my friends and I could wear something this stunning!