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This post should have been written a long time ago, but oh well,  here goes.

In August a friend and I took a roadtrip that started in San Diego, went through Arizona and into New Mexico and then back.  Though it was spur of the moment, no part of it ever felt rushed.  I forget sometimes that I spent half my youth in New Mexico and I defiantly forgot how beautiful the southwest was.  Actually, maybe I never knew, maybe its beauty was something I couldn’t truly appreciated until now.

Day 1  –  6:00 am  (San Diego, CA – Flagstaff, AZ)


My roadtrippin partner and I

We hit the road with a full tank of gas, blankets, coffee, snacks, a deck of cards and a cribbage board.  We traveled out of the city and haze and onto endless stretches of open road, one of them being the historic Route 66.  Around 3pm we arrived at our first destination:


The Grand Canyon.

Day 2  – 7:00 am (Flagstaff, AZ – Las Cruces, NM)


This day was amazing!  We went to a meteor crater impact site, a petrified forest, drove through a massive rain storm complete with thunder and lightning that lit up the whole sky, and finally ended up and White Sands National Park.  I had been here when I was younger and I remembered liking it, but I don’t think I remembered it being this amazing.  It is unlike any place with a beauty all its own.


Looking out into the crater.





White Sands National Park.



Day 3  – 7:00 am  (Las Cruces, NM – San Diego, CA)

Our final day was a lot of driving, but it really didn’t seem like it.  Between playing cribbage, stopping at random places and all the things we saw while driving it was actually quite enjoyable.  The main stop for the day was Tombstone, AZ, which we ended up spending almost 4 hours at.  We went on a tour of the town, saw a gunfight (that I ended up being a part of), ate lunch at a saloon and wondered around the town for a bit.





The Colorado River

After a long, hot day we stopped in Yuma, AZ to stretch our legs.  Because it was 8pm and still 101º we went for a swim in the Colorado River.  It was the perfect way to end our southwest roadtrip adventure!
Hope you enjoyed.
ps. some of you may know that I am on a new adventure, living in Madrid, I will be updating soon about that!