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HNL > MAD 7,855 Miles

Next week marks six months of me selling everything I own and flying 7,855 miles to live in Madrid, Spain.  It’s crazy to think about, because it doesn’t feel like that long at all.  This whole experience has been great and I am really quiet happy that I decided to take that “little” step out of my comfort zone.

Selling my things, and moving somewhere without even knowing the language can only be described with one word:  Humbling.

Of course there are tough days, but that is expected.  I just know I won’t be given anything I can’t handle, and I have complete faith in that.  Plus at the end of the day I am getting to learn new things (even if at times it get frustrating) and see places I never would have otherwise.

But the best part about this whole experience is getting to live with my sister.  I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but it is so great!  I have always been a little jealous of people that could call their family and head over for dinner or grab a drink with their siblings.  I never thought I would get to have that chance.  But now I do, and I realize that my jealousy was completely valid, because it’s the best!

Also, with a lot of help and encouragement from her, I am starting on something I should have done a while ago. . . .But more on that later.  As for now, here are some pictures of Madrid.

The cherry blossoms are everywhere right now.

This was taken the first day I arrived from our street.

The days are starting to be so nice!

A church down the street from where we live.

Neighborhood carnival.

The Egyptian Temple of Debod.


A sweet little cafe

 Enjoy your weekend.
Happy Aloha Friday!