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When in Rome.

Last month I hopped on a quick two hour flight and headed to Rome, Italy.  I thought Rome was going to be really great, but it was more impressive than I could have ever imagined!

The first day, I did a lot of the touristy things, such as visit the Coloseeum, the Roman Forum, and the Patheon.  All of which were outstanding!

The following day I went to Vatican City, which was also breathtaking.  I toured the museum, saw the Sistine Chapel, went inside St. Peter’s Basilica and enjoyed some great pizza with an ice cold Italian Peroni!

Rome is an incredible city during that day, but at night it was even more lovely!  After leaving Vatican City, I walked around and saw a lot of the famous fountains.  They do an amazing job of illuminating all the monuments at night, especially the fountains.

The last day I was there was a Sunday, which meant the Pope would be speaking at the Vatican.  Even though I had already gone the day before I really didn’t want to miss seeing him.  After that I headed to a small neighborhood to walk around and have lunch.  I’m pretty sure I had the best gnocchi of my life that day!

Hope you enjoyed.  Ciao!